Thursday, November 9, 2017

Learn what can be recycled on America Recycles Day

Learn what you can do to reduce waste

Mesa County Solid Waste Management, along with local waste and recycling companies, will host a waste separation and sorting demonstration Wednesday, Nov. 15, from, 11 a.m. to noon, on the front lawn of the Old Mesa County Courthouse, 544 Rood Ave., in observance of America Recycles Day.

The event aims to show residents how separating different items found in waste streams is vital for enabling the recovery of useful materials while minimizing the amount of material sent to landfill and allowing recyclable materials to find a new purpose. Recycling increases the life of a landfill by cutting down on unnecessary waste accumulation.

“For America Recycles Day, we want to show residents by using a more hands-on approach, recycling can be both a simple and cost-efficient practice,” Mesa County Solid Waste Director Barrett Jensen said. “In our demonstration, we will literally be sorting through a full 96-gallon trash can to see exactly how much a typical household can reduce waste.”

The Mesa County Landfill accepts 175,000 tons of waste annually, which equates to approximately 7 pounds of garbage per person, per day. However, between 65 to 75 percent of what is thrown away can be composted, recycled or reused.

“According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each of us generates approximately 4.5 pounds of waste per person, per day. In Mesa County, each resident throws away on average 7 pounds of trash per day, which is almost double the national average,” Jensen added. “Colorado has one of the lowest recycling rates in the country at 11 percent. We can do better, and we want to teach the community how.”

There will be door prizes for those who attend, including bags of Mesa Magic compost, hats, re-usable tumbler cups, and more.

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