Friday, January 26, 2018

This Week in Pics

In public hearing, Monday, the Mesa County Commissioners devoted time to raising awareness for the signs and consequences of human trafficking by promoting opposition to human trafficking in all forms and encouraging support for the survivors. Read the proclamation here.

Members of Western Slope Anti-Trafficking Alliance accepted the proclamation and spoke about the issue. Tom Acker, president of the alliance, said: "tourism, the major highway and an increased amount of drug use could be potential bait for human traffickers." 
The Mesa County Commissioners proclaimed January 2017 as National Crime Stoppers Awareness Month in public hearing on Monday. The proclamation calls for residents to be proactive in preventing crime for a safer community. Crime Stoppers of Mesa County raises community awareness of crime trends while finding ways to prevent problems from happening. Since the founding of Crime Stoppers in 1983, Crime Stoppers has received 19,020 tips, which have led to 1,731 arrests and 1,600 cases cleared. The effort has resulted in $270,140 in rewards paid to anonymous tipsters and $9,060,240 in property and drugs recovered as of December 2017.

Chalane Coit, left, and members of the Crime Stoppers Board accept the proclamation and say a few words regarding what Crime Stoppers does for the Grand Valley. Read the proclamation here

Many Mesa County employees, as well as residents, attend the Commissioners' public hearing to be informed on what is happening around Mesa County government. See what was discussed and approved at

The Board of County Commissioners makes a motion to enter into executive session under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(4)(b), for the purpose of receiving legal advice and updates from the County Attorney regarding the Colorado River Water Conservation District.

Janika Harris, administrative assistant, and Clerk to the Board pauses for a picture before the public hearing gets underway.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) was honored to accept the Rising Star Agency Award from Special Olympics Colorado on behalf of the citizens of Mesa County. The MCSO was humbled by the community's support during all of their efforts to raise money for Special Olympics Colorado. Stay tuned for more fun events in 2018!

Motor Vehicle Manager Bobbie Gross participates in the Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution (DRIVES) Future Initiative Working Group. The group discussed the possibility of print on demand for tabs rather than managing serialized inventory as well as the kiosks allowing for cross county transactions.

Thursday morning, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner lead in-house training with the Elections team where she shared techniques and exercises that she learned from the PEAK Academy in Denver.

Mesa County Clerk Sheila Reiner shares her knowledge with her staff by training and coaching employees at all levels to improve the way government works in her office. 

Through innovation, Clerk Sheila Reiner is teaching her employees do more with less and enhance services in the Clerk and Recorder's Office.

The Elections team found out that they will learn about tools to identify and eliminate anything that doesn't add value to the delivered product Thursday morning. The group also set some expectations and goals for upcoming training sessions. Next week they will cover five principles of innovation and how much your 'why' matters to 'what' you do! Stay tuned for more!

Richard, a road and bridge operator, unloads the remainder of the sand after finishing his route.

Each truckload contains approximately eight tons of sand. Richard personally distributed five truckloads after Sunday's snow storm. 

Snow plows return to the shop on Monday morning after a busy day taking care of Sunday's snowfall. Staff is ready for the next snowstorm! 

Traffic employees work on finishing the interior of their new storage facility in Whitewater.
Road and Bridge Construction crews take a refresher first aid and CPR class offered in-house by fellow Road and Bridge employees Jarrod Houck and Matt Nichols.

Staff members get hands-on practice applying bandages and other first aid skills they may need to use in the field. From left to right: Danny Spaid, Scott Wear and Tommy Page.
Construction Manager Pete Mathes practices safely removing gloves contaminated with blood (ketchup).
Congratulations to Jennifer Richardson on becoming the new Solid Waste Operations Manager at the Mesa County Solid Waste Campus! Richardson spent five years as the Regulatory Compliance Manager at the campus and brings a wealth of knowledge to her new capacity. Good luck and good job!

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