Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This Week in Pics

The Mesa County Treasurer's Office reminds taxpayers that Colorado law requires property tax payments in two equal installments, the first being due on or before the last day of February, and the second installment to be paid no later than the 15th day of June. If you are planning to pay your property taxes in full, they are due no later than April 30th.

Mesa CountyAnimal Services Officer Lisa Armour holds a stray cat that is recovering from an injury to its front paw.

Mesa County Animal Services Officer Ron Markley conducts a behavior assessment on a stray dog, Wendy, to assess if it can either be put up for adoption or sent to a rescue. 
Mesa County Commissioners reviewed and voted on land-use items in public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 20. See what they voted on at https://goo.gl/CaXG3L.

Mesa County Commissioner John Justman talks to KKCO Reporter Crispin Havener about his support in advocating the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) headquarters to move out of Washington, D.C. and into Grand Junction.

Road and Bridge District B crew takes a refresher first aid, and CPR class offered in-house by fellow Road and Bridge employee Jarrod Houck.

Richard Martinez getting his arm splinted by Dave DeJong.

Paul Roe showing off his splinted leg. Very creative!

Lincoln Crawford, Kevin Holderness, Dave DeJong and Jim Byerly all practicing doing compressions on their CPR manikins.
Derek Smith and Brent DePriest practicing giving rescue breaths to their manikins.
Each year Mesa County Road and Bridge, Traffic, Hazardous Waste, and the Sheriff's Office, as part of the Mesa County Safety Council, participate in the Mesa County Safety Fair held at Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, Colorado. The Safety Fairs are typically held for two consecutive days in the last two weeks of February through first two weeks of March on an annual basis. The timing of fair dates varies year to year to accommodate attendee, participant, and Mall schedules. Travis Cole demonstrates to his son, Grady, that from the driver's seat of a big truck, it is difficult or impossible to see someone directly behind you.

Mesa County and City of Grand Junction traffic staff participate in the annual Safety Fair at Mesa Mall last Thursday and Friday.

Mesa County Traffic Technician, Tina Dugger, talks to community members about traffic safety. The Mesa County Safety Council has been promoting safety awareness among the public, students, organizations, and companies for many years.

Each year over a thousand kids attend the Safety Fair at Mesa Mall and go to different stations to get some helpful safety tips from community organizations.

Mesa County Solid Waste Director Barrett Jensen, at the Safety Fair, explains paint, cell phones and other electronics like laptops, should never go into the landfill. Mesa County Hazardous Waste can accept these items and properly dispose of them.

Jennifer Richardson, Mesa County Solid Waste Operations Manager, talks to children about proper disposal of hazardous materials at the safety fair.

The arena is ready. Let the games begin!

Steers line up at the Mesa County Fairgrounds to participate in the J Money Rope N Ride event. The Fairgrounds will feature this event again March 17 and 18, 2018.

The weather did not stop the roping and barrel race this weekend. Rain or snow, the show will go on!

Congrats to the 2018 Chili Cook-Off Winners! Overall Winner: Marlena Diaz with #11 Spicy Green Chili.
 1st Place: Rachel Katt #16. 2nd Place: Marlena Diaz #11. 3rd Place: Kelly Graff #17.

1st Place: Alicia Ramirez #9. 2nd Place: Shelley Grattan #8. 3rd Place: Aletha Jenkins #5.

1st Place: Kelly Graff #19. 2nd Place: Misty Ulibarri #10. 3rd Place: Jenifer Shultz #12. Thanks to all who participated! From the Fun Bunch.

A Clerk and Recorder's staff member found Flash (the fastest sloth working at Zootopia's DMV—Department of Mammal Vehicles) and brought him into Mesa County's Motor Vehicle (MV) office. His attire is MV business casual. He is bringing a lot of smiles!

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Rio Blanco Commissioners Shawn Bolton and Jeff Rector show their support for oil and gas at the 2018 West Slope COGA Annual Banquet.
Mesa County Elections aims to improve the process surrounding Voter Service and Polling Place signature cards using a PEAK tool. Pictured here: Jackie Campbell, Bobbie Gross, Amanda Polson, Karen Reiher, and Jesse Redmond.
Bobbie Gross participates in improving processes surrounding Voter Service and Polling Place signature cards using a PEAK tool.

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