Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Motor vehicle transaction counts are up and wait times are down

We have quite a story to share! We compared the first quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2017, and the total transaction counts are up, while wait times are down.

The Mesa County Clerk’s office has been working diligently to innovate ways to serve Mesa County.  Over the past year, we have advertised and promoted user-friendly resources to help residents save time and skip the trip.

“Our team has really leaned into the challenge over the past year and found smarter ways to work under the budget constraints that continue in Mesa County’s general fund,” said Mesa County Clerk & Recorder, Sheila Reiner.

“Great teams rise above adversity when they have great leadership! These statistics confirm that claim. I am proud of this team’s innovations and willingness to achieve more with less,” said Division Director, Jackie Campbell.

“Through ongoing collaboration, we have successfully improved our process to provide exceptional customer service to the citizens of Mesa County.  Key staff members have been away for training this year and there are big changes on the horizon! Can’t wait for the future,” said Motor Vehicle Manager Bobbie Gross.

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