Thursday, July 5, 2018

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese asks for public comment

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese

Mesa County constituents: I need your guidance, please. The Commissioners are considering a ballot question to exempt state grants from our TABOR cap, without increasing any taxes. As you know, I am a huge supporter of TABOR and want to protect it. But, capping state grants does not make sense to me. Federal grants are not capped so we can take as much federal money (with all of the strings!) as we can justify without limit. Most of our state grants are for infrastructure projects, so this actually grows the private sector; not county government, which should be limited. This would include pass-through grants for our non-profits like Mind Springs. If we continue to turn away grants, our taxpayer money will continue to go to the state and be used in other communities for their projects. I believe it is time to bring Mesa County taxpayer money home to work for Mesa County residents. But, I want to know: what do YOU think? Post or email me your thoughts:

Thank you!

Rose Pugliese
Mesa County Commissioner
District 3

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