Friday, July 13, 2018

This Week in Pics

The Board of County Commissioners proclaimed July as Smart Irrigation Month in Mesa County. From left, Commissioner John Justman, Katie Powell, Joe Burtard, Andrea Lopez, Commissioner Rose Pugliese, and Commissioner Scott McInnis. Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in landscape, turf and agricultural irrigation. Munro Companies, Inc., Ute Water Conservancy District, City of Grand Junction, Clifton Water District, Redlands Water and Power, Orchard Mesa Irrigation, Grand Valley Water Users’ Association, CSU Extension, Drought Response Information Project (DRIP), and Mesa County celebrate Smart Irrigation Month by helping customers learn how to save water and see better results.

Katie Munro-Powell with Munro Companies, Inc. thanks the Board of Mesa County Commissioners for proclaiming July as Smart Irrigation Month in Mesa County.

To bring awareness to the many benefits of irrigation practices that improve water use efficiency and because water is a finite resource that is vital to all life, Mesa County Commissioners proclaimed July 2018, as Smart Irrigation Month.
Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, left, and Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese visit at the 2018 Governing Leadership Forum where they learned about building high-performance government.

As part of a regional study, Mesa County Solid Waste staff helped conduct a waste sort at the Adobe Buttes Landfill in Delta County. 

Waste Management crews go through waste to identify and better understand the contents of the waste stream in the region, this allows solid waste management representatives to know what percentages of specific waste are in the waste stream to help with mitigation, diversion, and recycling.

Mesa County will be leading waste sort studies in Delta, Gunnison, Mesa, and Montrose counties, the study will conclude in 2019. If you are interested in participating in the waste sorts, please contact Solid Waste Management at (970) 241-6846.
Mesa County Elections and representatives from the political parties performed the statewide Risk-Limiting Audit July 9.  The election results are official and final. From left to right: Tim Long, Maria Keenan, Laureen Gutierrez, and Deborah Erbisch. 

Democrat and Republican representatives join forces to audit the hardware, software, and procedures used by Mesa County Elections to verify that it is all working correctly and accurately at the end of the canvass.

The Colorado Secretary of State defines a Risk-Limiting Audit as a method that provides statistical assurance that election outcomes are correct by manually examining portions of the audit trail—paper ballots or voter-verifiable paper records. For more information about Risk-Limiting Audits, visit

It’s Blue and White day in the Clerks Office! Arna Hoffman, Jackie Campbell, Janika Harris and Amanda Golightly got the memo! 
Purple Loosestrife has been spotted again in the Grand Valley. The Noxious Weed Management crew will be treating this invasive species in the Redlands and Fruita in wetland areas and the Colorado River corridor to prevent it from crowding out native plants and degrading wildlife habitat.

Noxious Weed Management crew members Erik Storey and Willie Wilkins scout for Purple Loosestrife along the Tierra Creek drainage in the Redlands.

Teresa Nees with Noxious Weed Management bagged Purple Loosestrife plant (roots and all) from a pond in the Redlands. 

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