Friday, August 10, 2018

38th Annual Employee Recognition Luncheon

Mesa County acknowledged and celebrated personnel for their commitment, dedication and outstanding contributions at a special employee recognition luncheon at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Congratulations to all who were recognized for their achievements and tenure!

A huge thank you to the Mesa County Employee Association (MCEA) for hosting the celebration.
Mesa County employees attend the 38th Annual Employee Recognition luncheon hosted by the MCEA.
MCEA's purpose is to promote direct employee-employer relations in the interest of providing better county service in all departments. MCEA is dedicated to supporting Mesa County employees.

A sweet thank you to all Mesa County employees for their hard work and dedication. Dessert at the luncheon was an assorted variety of cookies with a special message. 

MCEA provided table favors to let employees know they are the key to Mesa County's success.  

Bright sunflowers adorned the tables at the employee recognition luncheon.  
Live music entertainment was provided by the MCEA.

Here is a list of employees with milestone anniversaries:

Recognition of 5-year anniversary:
Megan Ballard
Laurie Barlow
Jason Bittle
Amy Bosse
Sharon Bradshaw
Eric Bruton
Donald Clement
Derek Conlon
Sierra Conlon
Janel Cook
Ryan Davison
Jennifer Dillon
Donna Draper
Curtis Englehart
Mary Espinoza
Joshua Garcia
Brittany Gardner
Doris Guajardo
Carrie Gudorf
Shannon Hardy
Miriam Hawkins
Barry Hernandez
Arna Hoffman
Patricia Inscho
Aletha Jenkins
Troy Jones
John Justman
Lyndee Kees
Fawn Lawrence
Courtney Lee
Wendy Likes
Ngoc Mestas
Leslie Miller
Lindsey Miller
Robert Minning
Charlene Moncada
Martha Monroe
Justin Montover
Charles Nelson
Holly Nisley
Donald Norris
Terri Norris
Timothy Ochoa
Tyson Olsen
Lavada Palmer
Amanda Pennington
John Puckett
Rose Pugliese
Richard Purcell
Elizabeth Raisch
Kathi Raley
Jennifer Richardson
Angeline Roles
Tracy Royce
Beverly Salazar
Lance Schmitz
Shaye Schottel
Chadd Searcy
Lori Seeley
Melinda Shishim
Barbara Smith
Derek Smith
Terrie Smith
Jennifer Springer
Rose Tafoya
Leeanna Tallman
Leann Tofsrud
Terry Torres
Traci Weaver
Robert Williams
Victor Yahn

Five-year anniversary employees recognized at the MCEA luncheon.

Recognition of 10-year anniversary:
Darrell Bay
Jason Black
Erik Borschel
Nicole Briggs
Cheryl Brown
Joshua Bunch
James Byerly
Curtis Callaway
Cynthia Cole
Allison Edwards
Linda Fino
Nichole Frazier
Kathleen Gerlock
Debbie Gonzales
Natasha Hagman
Michelle Jones
Christopher Kiefer
Spencer Lawrence
Jennifer Lucero
Kimberly Manzanares
Rosalva Mellin
Dalys Otberg
Tommy Page
Stephanie Reecy
Myles Shows
Dale Silzell
Henry Stoffel
Karin Vanderminden
Tricia Watson
Staci Writer

Ten-year anniversary employees recognized at the MCEA luncheon.

Recognition of 15-year anniversary:
Brenda Apolinar
Jacquelyn Campbell
Mary Flood
Deanna Gohn
Charlayne Higginson
Roxie Hodson
Betty Hutchinson
Joseph Keene
Matthew King
Stephanie Landes
Patricia Mahre
Jeffery Melchior
Amy Montano
Paula Morang
Debra Murray
Lawrence Nelson
Doni O'Rourke
Julia Rascon
Janice Rich
Patrick Steinkirchner
Amy Van Noy
David Wiltgen 

Fifteen-year anniversary employees recognized at the MCEA luncheon.

Recognition of 20-year anniversary: 
George Barley
Tanya Brechlin
Linda Frasier
Joseph Gaizutis
Tracey Garchar
Kevin Holderness
Janell Hutton
Blake McClellan
Richard Perkinson
Rick Sartain

Twenty-year anniversary employees recognized at the MCEA luncheon.

Recognition of 25-year anniversary:
Roxanna Delay
Laurie Galvan
Keith Hatch
Kelly Leuallen
Julie Myers
David Rowe
David Wolny

Twenty five-year anniversary employees recognized at the MCEA luncheon.

Recognition of 30-year anniversary:
Toy Smith

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners stands alongside Department of Human Services Child Support Specialist Toy Smith (center-left) and recognize her for her 30-year dedication to the citizens of Mesa County. 

Recognition of 35-year anniversary:
Dennis Berry

Criminal Justice Service Director, Dennis Berry (center-left), is recognized by the Board of Mesa County Commissioners at a recognition luncheon Wednesday afternoon.

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