Wednesday, August 1, 2018

90-day road closure will affect access to the Solid Waste Campus

Mesa County Landfill

The Mesa County Solid Waste Campus will experience traffic delays due to construction on 31 Road, which begins Friday, Aug. 3. All vehicles accessing the campus at 3071 US Highway 50, including the Organic Materials Composting Facility, will be rerouted to Hookless Boulevard. Message boards have been posted on Highway 50 and facility signage to direct customers to the campus. Residents should anticipate longer wait times during construction and are encouraged to limit the number of trips they take to the landfill during the next 90 days of construction.

Improvements to 31 Road will include an intersection reconstruction by increasing the length of the road’s vertical curve. The project will also add a right-turn lane, traffic islands with guardrails, and fence relocation, which will aid in visibility and sight distances for traffic traveling over the hill into the entrance of the Mesa County Composting Facility.

Traffic for both the Mesa County Landfill and the compost facility will be directed to go across the landfill’s scales and utilize the landfill’s main haul road.

“We see 400 vehicles on average per day at the Mesa County Landfill, but during construction, we are anticipating approximately twice as much traffic coming across the scale,” Mesa County Solid Waste Operations Manager Jennifer Richardson said. “With the additional traffic coming in for the compost facility, we will likely see more than 1,000 vehicles per day.”

Solid Waste Management asks patrons to be patient with staff at the scale house and be mindful of others during their visit to the Solid Waste Campus. The speed limit at the landfill is 15 mph and will be enforced. Passing other vehicles on the main haul road is prohibited. Mesa County Landfill’s vehicles and equipment have the right of way.

“Our goal is to keep customers safe. That is why we are making these much-needed changes to 31 Road, and that is why we are advising patrons of both the compost facility and the landfill to limit their visits to the Solid Waste Campus until construction is complete.” Richardson added.

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