Friday, September 7, 2018

This Week in Pics

Live, Work, Play in Mesa County.

Connie Phelps, with fleet management, has been keeping busy trying to figure out strategies to stay within budget as fuel prices continue to rise. 

Fleet Management maintains approximately 638 vehicle and equipment assets to support the various services provided by Mesa County's departments, divisions and offices.

A dump truck gets serviced at the fleet shop Thursday morning.

Fleet Supervisor Eric Brown (right) and Paul Popish inspecting brakes. 

Paul Popish talks about the maintenance required for vehicles that end up getting corroded from the mag chloride that is used on roads during the winter. 

Darla Krummel manages and keeps parts in stock for fleet.

A new vehicle for the Sheriff's Office is being modified into a patrol unit.  

Vehicles take up to two weeks to be brought up to standards before they can be used on the streets by patrol deputies.  

A Legend: The evolution of the Sheriff's Office vehicles.   

Fleet Management members found about 15 scorpions in the shop this week. 
Animal Services Officer Royce and her new work partner, a bearded dragon.

Public Works construction crew on a V-pan drainage project, on South Pond Lane. 

The construction crew cut the road and poured a V-pan to help with drainage issues that were causing the street to flood. 

Mesa County Road and Bridge personnel have been assisting with the Bull Draw Fire by hauling water.

Water is being hauled by Mesa County crews to locations that are closer to the fire so that the wildfire brush trucks can spend more time at the actual fire. The fire remains at 30,580 acres and is 60 percent contained.

The Bull Draw Fire has transitioned to a Type 4 organization, for more information follow the Bull Draw Facebook page ( or call GMUG Fire Information Line at (970) 874-6602.

Quarterly, the Western Slope VFW Post 3981 recognizes a Mesa County Sheriff's Deputy for his /her service to the community. This week, Deputy Dave Wiltgen was recognized for his outstanding service.

Congratulations, Deputy Dave Wiltgen, for your hard work and dedication!
County Administrator Frank Whidden, Clerk Sheila Reiner and Brian Williams attend an Election Preparedness for Infrastructure and Cybersecurity (EPIC) workshop sponsored by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

County Administrator Frank Whidden takes on the role of public information officer (PIO) at the EPIC training and answers questions from the media. 

Exercise Only: County Administrator Frank Whidden fields media inquiries about the new system being hacked and the effects on voter registration.

U.S. Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen thanks all the attendees for their participation and willingness to learn about cybersecurity this week in Denver.

Project Update: This week, a concrete slab was poured for new spillway for the Bosley Wash Detention Basin project.

Crews backfill a new concrete box culvert at the sediment basin for the Bosley Wash Detention project.

Construction on 31 Road, which leads to the Mesa County Landfill, got underway Aug. 3 and is expected to be completed by the end of October. All vehicles accessing the campus at 3071 US Highway 50 are being routed to Hookless Boulevard. Message boards have been posted on Highway 50 to alert motorist about the detour.
The Mesa County Landfill will experience minor traffic delays due to a 90-day road reconstruction project on 31 Road. Residents should anticipate longer wait times during construction and are encouraged to limit the number of trips they take to the landfill during the duration of the project. Construction on 31 Road is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

Improvements to 31 Road will include intersection reconstruction by increasing the length of the road’s vertical curve. The project will also add a right-turn lane, traffic islands with guardrails, and fence relocation, which will aid in visibility and sight distances for traffic traveling over the hill into the entrance of the Mesa County Composting Facility.

So far, the hill on 31 Road has been cut by 6-feet to help with visibility when traveling on 31 Road to and from the Composting Facility.

One of the many events during Workforce Development Week was a luncheon in the Business Center where the keynote speaker, Colorado State Demographer Elizabeth Garner, spoke about the changes in the aging population and how that impacts businesses.

Great turnout from the business community for the Workforce Week Luncheon. 

Mesa County Commissioners and key staff, along with local federal representatives, recently met to discuss the Travel Management Plan with Katie Stevens, Bureau of Land Management Field Manager.

Commissioner Rose Pugliese, right, gets an update from federal officials and staff regarding the status of the BLM's Travel Management Plan.

Construction crews pave new driveway approaches for the State Highway 340 Sidewalk Project.

SH340 Sidewalk Project is nearly complete, final touches include installation of fencing and reseeding of the slopes behind the sidewalk.

Fall has arrived! Well, at least on the Grand Mesa. Leaves are starting to turn. 

This picture and the one above were taken by a deputy on the Grand Mesa. The photos taken were Thursday afternoon just a couple of miles apart.

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