Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Commissioners oppose Proposition 112

A map shows the areas affected by Colorado Proposition 112 in Mesa County.

On Monday, Oct. 1, the Board of Mesa County Commissioners voted to formally oppose Colorado Proposition 112.

Proposition 112, Minimum Distance Requirements for New Oil, Gas, and Fracking Projects Initiative, would change the statewide minimum distance requirement for new oil and gas development be located at least 2,500 feet from any structure intended for occupancy.

Proposition 112, mandates a one-size-fits-all increase of the setbacks for any new oil and gas development, which the Board believes would be detrimental to Mesa County's economy because energy production is one of the major economic engines powering Mesa County’s economy, and it employs a large number of its residents.

The Mesa County Board of County Commissioners considers it to be in the public’s interest to encourage the maintenance of a healthy, diverse and vibrant economy in Mesa County that continues to include oil and gas development as a critical component.

Click here for the full text of the resolution or see below.

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