Friday, October 19, 2018

Improvements to Pedestrian Routes Near Nisley Elementary to Begin Soon

In the coming weeks, work will begin to improve the safety of pedestrian routes to and from Nisley Elementary off of Orchard Avenue. The full scope of the project will be conducted in two phases; one this fall and the second, larger phase, next spring.

The first phase will construct two blocks of sidewalk improvements between 29 Road and Melody Lane on the south side of Orchard Avenue. This improvement will facilitate pedestrians being able to safely access the sidewalk along Melody Lane to reach Nisley Elementary. This phase of the project will be funded by the Community Development Block Grant Program as part of the City’s Safe Routes to Schools program. This work should be underway later in November and will be complete before year end.

The second, larger phase of the project will be conducted jointly between Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction and will involve a full reconstruction of Orchard Avenue from Normandy Drive to 29 Road. This phase of the project will include not only road reconstruction but also construction of new sidewalks as well as bike lanes and street lights through the entire stretch, on both the north and south sides of Orchard Avenue. Project cost is being split equally between the City and Mesa County. Work on this phase is anticipated to get underway in spring 2019 and will be completed in early fall 2019.


Stephanie Reecy, Mesa County Public Information Officer     
970-244-1755 or

Sam Rainguet, City of Grand Junction Communications Manager  
970-244-1507 or

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