Thursday, November 1, 2018

Board opposes implementation of Regulation Number 20

Earlier this week, the Board of Mesa County Commissioners submitted a letter to the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission, to oppose the implementation of Regulation Number 20, the Colorado Low Emission Automobile Regulation.

In their letter, the Mesa County Commissioners wrote:

"By imposing mandates on our vehicle dealerships to sell more electric cars than they can, you are in effect forcing an increase in the price of vehicles they can sell – namely light trucks and SUV’s. As County Commissioners, we cannot sit by and allow the state to arbitrarily increase the costs to the families and small business owners who reside here. These mandates will punish our citizens solely because of where they live, and that is not right or fair."

"...we believe that it is unwise policy to place regulatory authority in the hands of another state. If we sign onto the California waiver, that is precisely what we will be doing; any change that California makes to their low emission vehicle standards will be imposed on Colorado as well. We are our own state, and proud to be Coloradan – we are not a subsidiary of California."

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