Thursday, November 8, 2018

Veterans Memorial Detention Pond Project Receives Award

Mesa County Commissioners recognized Public Works personnel in public hearing Monday in honor of the Large Community Public Works Project Award for the Veterans Memorial Detention Pond they received on Oct. 29 at the 2018 APWA Colorado Chapter Conference.
Mesa County Public Works was honored with the Public Works Project Award by the Colorado Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) at the chapter's conference in Denver, Oct. 29 for the Veterans Memorial Detention Pond.

The award recognizes the alliance between the managing agency, the contractor, the consultant, and their cooperative achievements.

"This unique project could not have been successfully completed without the cooperation of the all involved, including the project team from Sorter Construction and their subcontractors, the design consultant, Ayres, Mesa County Facilities Director, Greg Linza, and especially Shawn Herron, Construction Manager, who kept everyone heading in the right direction," Mesa County Construction Group Manager Laura Page said.

The one-of-a-kind vision and effective use of resources used for the 30.2 acre-foot detention pond increased the capacity of the Orchard Mesa drain system, while aesthetically enhancing and incorporating the Veterans Memorial Park, which has multiple uses, including flood reduction (as a primary purpose), walking trails and a wetlands area.

“I am proud to be a part of this project,” Mesa County Project Manager Shawn Herron said. “Everyone involved worked hard to give the public a safe and beatiful park to enjoy for years.”

The detention pond was a flood control project funded 75 percent by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 12.5 percent by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) and 12.5 percent local match. Sorter Construction started work on this project Oct. 2017 and concluded work July 2018.

"The 2013 flooding event was devastating, and this unfortunate event gave the opportunity for federal funding to become available statewide. Mesa County was able to design, and construct two major flood reduction projects that have been in the making for over a decade,” Mesa County Regulatory Programs Manager Carrie Gudorf said.

Here is what the project nomination states:
"In September 2017, Mesa County Engineering awarded a $1,089,740.95 construction contract to Sorter Construction, Inc. for the Veteran's Memorial Detention Pond project. To collaborate the future needs of the fairground, Mesa County Facilities elected to fund approximately $250,000 worth of additional landscaping and park amenities to be designed and built as part of the detention pond project. Walking trails were included around the pond and the wetland areas, along with viewing areas for public education purposes, picnic tables and benches, and additional landscaping was added to the southern section area to provide for sports fields and community events. The Veterans Memorial Detention Pond project accomplished all goals of reducing potential losses of life and property by collecting and reducing the 100-year storm event, along with reducing sediment and debris within the Orchard Mesa main drain system. The project was completed within the original $1.2 million budget and within the modified grant deadline. All involved in the project, including Mesa County Facilities Department and the Public Works Engineering staff worked closely together to meet the needs of both departments and to accomplish a successful project that not only addresses stormwater issues but provided a new parks facility for Mesa County residents."

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