Friday, October 19, 2018

This Week in Pics

This breathtaking photo was taken Friday, Oct. 12, by a Mesa County Sheriff's Office Rural Area Deputy on the Colorado National Monument. Rural Area Deputies (RAD) respond to emergencies and help folks in some of our harder to reach areas. Did you know the MCSO patrols over 3,300 square miles? You can learn more about the RAD unit at

Oct. 15, 2018, Mesa County Administrator Frank Whidden presented the proposed 2019 budget to the Mesa County Commissioners in public hearing.

In the proposed budget, the general fund is balanced at $61,553,199 proposed revenue and $60,966,171 proposed expenditures. Review more detailed information, here.
County Administrator Frank Whidden talks to Chris Schumann with KJCT and KKCO news stations about the proposed budget for the upcoming year. View the presentation that was presented in public hearing, here.

A Colorado Mesa University construction management class tours the Bosley Wash Detention Basin project site Wednesday morning.

Public Works Construction Group Manager Laura Page, left, along with Stuart Gardner with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) give CMU students a tour of the Bosley Wash project, located near the base of Mt. Garfield. Bosley Wash extends from the rim of the Book Cliffs south to the Colorado River. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.
Stuart Gardner with CDOT talks to CMU construction students about the importance of the Bosley Wash project. The project is a multi-agency effort among; the State of Colorado, FEMA, the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Dam Safety, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Mesa County to detain stormwater to help protect lives and property, and motorists on I-70.

Criminal Justice Services had an employee and family barbecue at Las Colonias Park complete with a cornhole tournament. Pictured here, from left: Lisa Brutosky, Matt Sullivan, Lynn Tiedemann, Sue Sullivan, and Mike Perry. "What did you say the rules were?"

The CJSD cornhole tournament is in full swing.
CJSD Officer Josh Bay (right)  and Case Manager Mike Perry (left) are winning the cornhole tournament. 

CJSD personnel and their families enjoy time together over barbecue at Las Colonias Park.

CJSD Clinical Director Jason Talley mans the grill.

Mesa County Commissioners arrive at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office for a statutory tour and inspection of the Mesa County Jail earlier this week. 

Commissioners conducted an annual inspection of the Mesa County Jail Monday, Oct. 15, touring the facility with Capt. Art Smith (pictured here at the door) and other county officials. 

Capt. Art Smith delivers jail cafeteria food for commissioners to sample. This is a mandatory part of the tour.

Mesa County Commissioner John Justman samples the lunch at the jail to make sure it is healthy and nutritious.

Mesa County Commissioner Justman discusses the quality of the meal and states the meal is well-balanced.

Capt. Art Smith, left, answers questions about the facility and the need for expansion.

Mesa County Commissioners John Justman and Scott McInnis tour the Justice Center Monday afternoon with other Mesa County officials.

Commissioner McInnis talks about reconfiguring office space at the Justice Center with Court Executive Will Sightler, far left, Commissioner John Justman, and County Attorney Patrick Coleman, center right.

The commissioners took a tour of various courtrooms at the Justice Center.

District Attorney Dan Rubinstein talks to Daily Sentinel Reporter Gabrielle Porter about a case Monday afternoon at the Justice Center.

District Attorney's Office Paralegal Megan Velarde pauses from typing for a picture.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner receives a gift from her employees on National Boss's Day Tuesday, Oct. 16. 

The Clerk's Office is proud of their management team!

Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner is honored to receive the "Best Performance by a County Clerk" award from her team.

Clerk and Recorder Division Director, Jackie Campbell, was also honored on National Boss's Day this week.

Die-hard Bronco fans showed off their support on Thursday at DHS. Back row: Roxanne Delay, Child support, Amy Joy, Benefit Recovery, Kati Mountain, Child Support. Front: Cynthia Valles, GED.

The Child Welfare Coaching Team, which includes Andrea Mikolos, Rory Cornelison and Kari Miracle, were presenters this week at the International Conference on Innovations in Family Engagement Conference in Vail, CO. Andrea Miklos, Child Welfare Supervisor, presents on how to implement a Professional Development Coaching Program.

Rory and Kari take center stage for their portion of the presentation.

The audience said the coaching team "knocked it out of the park." From left to right: Andrea Miklos, Kari Micarle, Rory Cornelison.

(Left to right) MCPH Public Health Nurse Savannah Herland, MCPH Public Health Nurse Ashley Adams and MCPH Customer Support Specialist Sarah Spiller were all smiles at the Oct. 15 flu clinic at the Old County Courthouse. Click here to find out more about upcoming flu clinics.

MCPH Marketing Coordinator Sara Rinaldo, left, and MCPH Information and Communication Manager Katie Nelson, right, got their flu shots together at the Oct. 27 clinic at the Community Services Building, 510 29 1/2 Road. Sara is pregnant and she and Katie work together every day. It's important for pregnant women to get their flu shot and for those around them to do the same! Click here to find out more about upcoming flu clinics.

MCPH Marketing Coordinator Sara Rinaldo and MCPH Public Health Nurse Diane Banta pause for a picture at the Oct. 17 flu clinic at the Community Services Building, 510 29 1/2 Road. Click here to find out more about upcoming flu clinics.

The Mesa County Planning Commission held a hearing Thursday evening. See what they voted on at

From left, Jennifer Richardson and Cheryl Reece, with Mesa County Solid Waste, review accounts payable.

The construction of the new Mesa County Landfill cell is now complete. The 5.08-acre waste disposal cell is now able to accept compact household waste, also known as the fluff layer.

Five-feet of the fluff layer must cover the entire cell before it can accept any additional waste.
The stormwater retention pond at the Mesa County Landfill is full from last week's rain.

Road construction on 31 Road, which leads to the Mesa County Landfill, is a few weeks out from completion.

Improvements to 31 Road will be completed by the end of October weather permitting. The project will add a right-turn lane, traffic islands with guardrails, and fence relocation, which will aid in visibility and sight distances for traffic traveling over the hill into the entrance of the Mesa County Composting Facility.
New pavement: the Mesa County Landfill will soon complete a 90-day road reconstruction project on 31 Road.

In a few weeks, access to the Mesa County Landfill via 31 Road will be completed.

Monday the Mesa County Sheriff's Office had a special guest at the patrol briefing....soon to be 7-year-old Michael! Deputies spent the morning teaching Michael all about what it's like being a Mesa County Sheriff's deputy. MCSO will be looking for an application from Michael in a few years to join them in the ranks. Happy Birthday, Michael! Deputy Justin Rolbiecki pictured here.

Birthday boy Michael stands in front of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office SWAT Bearcat, a tactical vehicle used to safely put SWAT deputies close to highly dangerous suspects.

Looking for a meaningful way to volunteer? Mesa County Search and Rescue's Ground Team is looking for new members! This all-volunteer group helps people get home safely after getting hurt or lost in Colorado's wilderness. Learn more about how to join this elite group on the MCSO's blog.

Improvements to Pedestrian Routes Near Nisley Elementary to Begin Soon

In the coming weeks, work will begin to improve the safety of pedestrian routes to and from Nisley Elementary off of Orchard Avenue. The full scope of the project will be conducted in two phases; one this fall and the second, larger phase, next spring.

The first phase will construct two blocks of sidewalk improvements between 29 Road and Melody Lane on the south side of Orchard Avenue. This improvement will facilitate pedestrians being able to safely access the sidewalk along Melody Lane to reach Nisley Elementary. This phase of the project will be funded by the Community Development Block Grant Program as part of the City’s Safe Routes to Schools program. This work should be underway later in November and will be complete before year end.

The second, larger phase of the project will be conducted jointly between Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction and will involve a full reconstruction of Orchard Avenue from Normandy Drive to 29 Road. This phase of the project will include not only road reconstruction but also construction of new sidewalks as well as bike lanes and street lights through the entire stretch, on both the north and south sides of Orchard Avenue. Project cost is being split equally between the City and Mesa County. Work on this phase is anticipated to get underway in spring 2019 and will be completed in early fall 2019.


Stephanie Reecy, Mesa County Public Information Officer     
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Sam Rainguet, City of Grand Junction Communications Manager  
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Monday, October 15, 2018

County Administrator presents 2019 proposed budget

Today, Oct. 15, 2018, Mesa County Administrator Frank Whidden presented the proposed 2019 budget to the Mesa County Commissioners in public hearing.

In the proposed budget, the general fund is balanced at $61,553,199 proposed revenue and $60,966,171 proposed expenditures. Review more detailed information, here.

View the presentation here:

The public comment period is now underway. Comments are encouraged through the following methods:

  • E-mail:
  • Board of County Commissioner Hearings:
    • Hearings are typically held every Monday morning at 9 a.m. at 544 Rood Ave. The hearings include an unscheduled business portion of the agenda. Community members are welcome to provide feedback on the proposed 2019 budget at that time. For upcoming Commissioner hearing agendas, visit
    • Facebook:
    In November, county staff will finalize the budget, and in late November, the board will give staff final direction.

    Final adoption of the 2019 budget is planned for the Dec. 10 public hearing at 9:00 a.m.