Friday, March 8, 2019

Community Corrections Program Receives Recognition of Achievement

Mesa County Pretrial Services is the first program in the state to receive formal recognition of achievement and adherence to the Colorado Association of Pretrial Services Professional Standards for their proficiency in the documentation of policies and procedures, as well as day-to-day business interaction with system stakeholders.

“The Colorado Association of Pretrial Services implemented professional standards for Pretrial Service Agencies a few years ago,” Criminal Justice Services Manager Steve Chin said. “These standards closely mirror best practices and standards set forth by the National Association of Pretrial Services with the added benefit of being specific to the laws of the State of Colorado.”

Pretrial Services underwent an inspection and evaluation of documentation of policies and procedures and completed a series of 56 questions on how the program runs and interacts with system stakeholders (Judges, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Law Enforcement, etc.).  A team from the state association conducted an on-site review of 17 areas observing the programs day-to-day business and interactions with stakeholders and awarded the program with formal recognition of achievement and adherence to state standards.

“Mesa County Pretrial Services is fortunate to have employees who are dedicated to their work as well as leaders from various stakeholder groups who work in the Criminal Justice field who support Mesa County Pretrial Services and strive to promote a pretrial justice system that is reliable, objective, impartial, responsive, and collaborative,” Chin added.

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