Monday, March 11, 2019

Land Development Code In Need Of Updates

Modernizing the county’s land use codes to provide better, faster service

Mesa County is looking for input on much-needed updates to the Land Development Code (LDC) to improve services and processing time to move more projects through the system more efficiently for our constituents. 

The LDC will be updated to modernize Mesa County Land Use Codes and provide a more user-friendly document that combines various ordinance and code standards to avoid redundancy.

“The LDC document was designed to assist in implementing the county’s vision of balancing private property rights with the needs of the community,” Chair of the Board of County Commissioners Rose Pugliese said. “We want to adopt comprehensive changes to the LDC with feedback from the community.”

“I have hosted several focus group meetings across the county and have met with many concerned citizens. It is now time for county residents to make their voices heard and share their comments on how we can improve the LDC,” Pugliese added.

The intended code update, condenses and streamlines processes such as:
• Major and Minor Subdivision
• Site Plan(s)
          Major vs. Minor
          Conditional Use
• Urban vs. Rural
• Landscaping requirements
• Property Line Adjustments
• Density by Design Toolbox

For more information on the Land Development Code update, visit

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