Thursday, May 16, 2019

Residents start journey to learn more about county government

Chairwoman of the Board of Mesa County Commissioners, Rose Pugliese, kicks off the Inside Mesa County course Wednesday evening in the public hearing room inside the old Mesa County Courthouse, 544 Rood Ave.
On Wednesday evening, community members wanting to acquire more in-depth knowledge on how local government works, began Inside Mesa County, a nine-week course that gives an inside look into Mesa County's departments and budgets including interactive presentations from elected officials and county departments as well as tours of several facilities.
Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis talks to Inside Mesa County participants about the responsibilities and core functions of county government.

Over 25 people are taking the free course this year, held Wednesday evenings at the old Mesa County Courthouse, 544 Rood Ave.

On the opening night, attendees heard from Commissioners Rose Pugliese and Scott McInnis, as well as County Administrator Frank Whidden. 
Mesa County Administrator Frank Whidden explains that the majority of Mesa County’s revenue comes from intergovernmental grants, property tax, sales and use tax. Total budgeted revenues for 2019 are $169,804,586, a 5% increase from the 2018 Adopted Budget.

If you are interested in attending our next class, please submit your application online at

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