Monday, June 24, 2019

Commissioners comment on Zero-Emmission Vehicle Rule, Wilderness Study Areas and Jordan Cove Project

This week, the Board of Mesa County Commissioners adopted a resolution opposing Colorado's Proposed Zero-Emission Vehicle Rule and approved a letter to Congresswoman Diana DeGette regarding Mesa County's opposition to the Colorado Wilderness Act of 2019. The Board also approved a comment letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, L.P. and Jordon Cove Energy Project L.P.

The resolution is in opposition to a proposed rule by Governor Jared Polis to support the electrification of transportation. Mesa County's economy is heavily dependent on mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, and agricultural sectors which depend on pickup trucks and other vehicles which cannot comply with the Zero Emissions Standards.

The Colorado Wilderness Act of 2019 was introduced to the United States House of Representatives in May 2019. The Act proposes more than 740,000 acres of Wilderness in Colorado, with more than 140,000 acres of proposed Wilderness in Mesa County. The Board of County Commissioners adopted a Resolution in 2015 opposing the Colorado Wilderness Act (“Act”) of 2015 and calling on Congress to release Wilderness Study Areas from such designations.

This letter is the Board of Mesa County Commissioner's comments regarding the Jordan Cove Energy Project L.P., Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline L.P.; Notice of Availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Jordan Cove Energy Project.

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