Tuesday, June 18, 2019

This Week in Pics

Mesa County Commissioners proclaim June 2019 as Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month in Mesa County. From left to right: Commissioner Scott McInnis, Development Manager on the Western Slope Tonja Keuper-Rinaldo, Commissioner John Justman, Regional Director for the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado Debra Bianchi, and Commissioner Rose Pugliese. Read more at https://bit.ly/2WzVgrc.

Debra Bianchi, Regional Director for the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado (left) and Tonja Keuper-Rinaldo, Development Manager on the Western Slope, accept the Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month proclamation in public hearing. 

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners approved an agreement between Mesa County and Singletrack Trails, Inc. for Palisade Plunge Phase I, for $678,639.76. This phase of the project consists of 13.5 miles of trail from Highway 6 to Lands End Road.
Mesa County Public Works Director Pete Baier and Engineering Division Director Scott Mai (at podium) brief the Board of Commissioners on the progress and status of the Palisade Plunge. Mesa County was awarded a $527,000.00 grant to help with Phase I of the construction of the Palisade Plunge.
Have you tried plogging?  It's a combination of jogging and picking up litter.  Epidemiologist, Chelsea Stacey, (left) and Public Health Clinic Manager, Allison Sanchez, (right) do a modified version along with the MCPH team.  We walked at a fast pace and picked up around the Community Services Building as part of Spring Clean day.

30 minutes, and a huge 30+ gallon trash bag full of litter later, some employees of MCPH health gather for a photo after plogging.

Mesa County Public Health WIC Educators Cara Lee (left) and Marissa Alvarado (right) inform residents at the Summer Meals Kickoff about the importance of nutrition to give kids a healthy start.

Andy Gingerich, Regional Transportation Planning Office Transit Coordinator, was out of the office for a few weeks because he is a NEW dad, his son Leo Martin Bruegger Gingerich was born on May 29, 2019. When Andy arrived back to the office, last week, his cube was decorated to look like a bus. The picture features Andy aboard the daddy bus. Congratulations, Andy!

New detour — Grand Valley Transit (GVT) can no longer travel on Orchard Avenue to 28 ½ Road due to road construction.
Mesa County Commissioner John Justman talks to KJCT News 8 Reporter Chris Schumann about why moving the BLM headquarters to Grand Junction would be of benefit to the local economy.

Mesa County Public Health Executive Director Jeff Kuhr talks to Inside Mesa County (IMC) participants about a recent community health assessment and its findings.

Mesa County Coroner Victor Yahn presents to IMC participants about the functions and responsibilities of his office. The Mesa County Coroner’s Office investigates approximately 660 cases and conducts about 150 autopsies per year, the Coroner and his staff recognize each death reported to the Mesa County Coroner’s Office represents the death of a person whose absence is grieved by relatives and friends.

The road closure on Lands End Road on the Grand Mesa is still in effect. Currently, several sections of the road are still more than halfway covered with snow, and in a few parts, gravel and rocks have fallen through the geogrid making the road unsafe for travel. 

Traveling on thawing, saturated, and muddy roads can result in resource damage and severe safety concerns, especially if visitors are unprepared. Mesa County crews have been monitoring snow accumulation and melt on Lands End Road on the Grand Mesa and are working there this week to reopen the road.

Lands End Road on the Grand Mesa has been closed since Dec. 1, 2018, and is expected to reopen in a couple of weeks depending on snowmelt. Pictured here is Kevin Holderness standing on top of a snowdrift, which covers a large part of the road at the top of Lands End Road toward Highway 65.
The Mesa County Hazardous Waste Collection facility received and shipped out over 13,000 pounds of TVs, computers, and other regulated electronic devices from April 1- May 30.   For more information, visit https://www.mesacounty.us/swm/hazardous-waste/.

Shay Starr with the Hazardous Waste Collection Facility stages a stacked and secured pile of televisions to load on the truck for shipment to the final recycling vendor. You can properly dispose of your regulated electronic waste at the Hazardous Waste Collection Facility for $0.42 per pound.

Ryan Kyle, Solid Waste Management Regulatory Compliance Specialist, helps load TVs and other electronic waste onto the truck for final processing and recycling. Electronic waste is banned from all Colorado landfills and must be disposed of properly.

Jason McLarty and Matt Younger with the Hazardous Waste Collection Facility unload a trailer with 1,378 pounds of TVs and other electronic waste that was illegally discarded on public lands. Help keep your county and our public lands clean and healthy by properly disposing of your electronic waste at the Hazardous Waste Collection Facility or other waste management providers in town.

Robert Topliss is an operator with Mesa County Solid Waste Management who helps compact and bury the trash at the landfill. Last week he ran over a buried oxygen cylinder with a piece of equipment, and it ruptured below him. Robert was able to spot another cylinder and pull it out of the pile. Please be mindful of the health of our landfill and the safety of our workers and call ahead to learn tips to properly dispose of your pressurized cylinders!
Mesa County Department of Human Services (DHS) staff members participate in Partners Superstars annual event hosted at Colorado Mesa University.

Partners Superstars is an annual event that raises money for Partners, a local youth program. Various Mesa County agencies had teams to compete in volleyball, basketball, tug-o-war, obstacle course, and corn hole. The event was hosted after-hours at Colorado Mesa University.

The DHS team raised over $900 to benefit Mesa County Partners, a program that helps youth develop a positive self-image and acceptance of responsibility for their actions. Tickets to the event were $10 and included a raffle ticket. Participants attended the after-hours event at Colorado Mesa University. Pictured here: John Moran, DHS Social Case Worker, participates in a game of corn hole.
6.3 Road, also known as the Niche Road, is closed due to multiple rock slides. The road is not expected to reopen until mid to late July. Mesa County’s priority is to protect residents and road infrastructure.
Mesa County crews continue cleaning drainages and blading the roads on the Uncompahgre. Pictured above is the last gate on the Mesa County side before you get to the Mesa/Montrose county line gate.  The gate is damaged and will be repaired.

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