Monday, July 22, 2019

Residents recognized for acquiring deeper understanding of their Mesa County government

2019 Inside Mesa County graduates.

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners during the administrative public hearing of July 22, 2019, recognized 2019 Inside Mesa County graduates for furthering their county government knowledge. 

Participants were recognized for their dedication in completing a 9-week course that helped them acquire a deeper understanding of their Mesa County government. Classes included interactive presentations from elected officials and county departments as well as tours of several Mesa County facilities.

Inside Mesa County participants were awarded a Certificate of Recognition for their dedication and willingness to further their awareness of the internal operations and financial responsibilities of their county government. 

Certificates of Completion were issued to the following: Shane Allerheiligen, Sue Benjamin, Kelly Britton, Jessica Burford, Seth Cahalan, Michael Day, Cody Davis, Jamie George, Kelly Johnston, Daniel Jones, Belinda Knisley, Rowland Knisley, Andrea Lopez, Trisha Martinez, Randi McNulty, Joe Neuhof, Libby Olson, Hogan Peterson, Robert Prescott, Stacey Smith, Darcy Weir. 

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