Friday, October 11, 2019

Neighborhood Clean-up Pilot Project Helps Transform Community

Yard waste, piles of unwanted furniture, and years of trash were hauled away in one Mesa County neighborhood leaving behind a community ready to be revitalized. It’s all part of a unique pilot project developed in response to community members wanting to transform their neighborhood.

The pilot project plan was developed by Mesa County Code Enforcement, The Colorado Trust and the Community Transformation initiative. Together, they established a plan, hosted several community meetings, and secured funding from The Colorado Trust and the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. Which lead to the kick-off the first cleanup pilot program — Neighborhood Clean-up on Monday, October 7, 2019.

Clifton is the first area of action, primarily in the neighborhoods surrounding Rocky Mountain Elementary School and Kimwood Park. By joining the energy and insights of people in the neighborhood with the resources and commitment of individuals and organizations across Mesa County, we’re making transformation happen.

As a member of the Community Transformation initiative, Mesa County Code Compliance kicked off a cleanup pilot program — Neighborhood Clean-up on Monday, October 7, 2019.

The first Neighborhood Clean-up project area tackled a one-square-mile area from 32 Road to 33 Road and D Road to E Road. This area encompasses Rocky Mountain Elementary School and about 22-hundred households. It’s also the highest Code Compliance Services caseload location. The code violation saturation in the area can contribute to many issues, including pest infestation, fire hazards, air quality, and other public health issues.

The Neighborhood Clean-up pilot project aims to empower residents to take pride and ownership of their neighborhood by creating a positive ripple effect across Mesa County neighborhoods.

The cleanup was a three-day sweep going block by block with loaders and dump trucks, much like the City of Grand Junction's spring cleanup, to help residents take action and get motivated.

Many agencies came together to make the pilot project a success. Crews removed a total of 140.24 tons (40, 40-yard roll-offs), which is a total of 280,480 lbs of trash.

This project would not have been possible without the help of our amazing employees, volunteers, and community partners.

A special thank you to all involved, including Jose Chavez and Tera Wick, with The Colorado Trust for proving funding, organizing community meetings, and assisting with program planning. Undersheriff Todd Rowell and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, who, in addition to providing funding for the project, provided planning and outreach assistance, lunch for the crew, and traffic control assistance. FCI Constructors, M.A. Concrete Construction Inc., and Sorter Construction, who provided skid steers, dump trucks, and employees for the cleanup. Brian Woods and his staff at Clifton Sanitation District who provided the secure lot for the "transfer station," a front-end loader and operators, Loren and Lisa Mullen with Rocky Mountain Sanitation for providing roll-off dumpsters and Loren’s assistance at the transfer station, the staff of Candlewood Park for providing use of their community building, and resident volunteers, namely, Brenda Amado, who not only worked hard all three days, but also provided a pulled pork lunch for the crew on Tuesday. And also, Mesa County Code Compliance Officers Greg St. Martin and Sid Montez, Mesa County Solid Waste Management for providing several employees to help identify and remove unacceptable materials.

Great work to everyone involved!

To get involved with this project or learn more about the Community Transformation initiative, click here.

Here are pictures from the Neighborhood Clean-up Pilot Project:

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