Friday, November 1, 2019

Voters, Check Your Ballot Status

This postcard was not sent by Mesa County Elections nor the Secretary of State's Office.
Many voters have contacted Mesa County Elections to inquire about their ballot status after receiving a postcard in the mail that states, "Secretary of State Records Indicate You Haven't Returned Your Ballot." 

“Elections verified the receipt of all ballots for those individuals that contacted us. This postcard does not appear to be accurate,” Elections and Recording Manager Jessica Empson said.  “Please know that this postcard was NOT sent by our office nor the Secretary of State's Office.”

If you have concerns about where your ballot is in the process, please follow the below steps to check on your ballot status:

Click on Find My Registration
Input your information
Click on Ballot Information, and the status of your ballot will appear

Mesa County Elections is committed to the integrity and security of our facilities, equipment, data, and elections.

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