Monday, December 9, 2019

County Commissioners Adopt $188 Million Budget for 2020

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners adopts a $188,072,077 million budget for 2020 in public hearing Monday, Dec. 9.

Budget prioritizes investments in capital infrastructure and staff

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners today approved a $188,072,077 million budget for 2020 that prioritizes core government services.

The total county budget is $188,072,077, which is 8.8 percent over the 2019 adopted budget. The general fund budget is $65,311,240, which is a 7.2 percent increase over the 2019 adopted budget.

“The 2020 adopted budget is a reflection of the priorities we have heard from our community and our staff, which also aligns with Mesa County’s strategic plan and our Board’s priorities,” Chair of the Board of County Commissioners Rose Pugliese said. “We continue to focus on merit-based employee compensation, and we are grateful for all the great employees we have, and we value how hard they work to serve our community.”

The 2020 county budget invests $38.1 million in capital projects, including:
Public Works including road infrastructure and improvements—$26.5 million
Facilities—$3.1 million
Regional transportation—$1.8 million

For more information on the 2020 budget, visit Additional information will be published online as it becomes available.

Here is the 2020 Mesa County Budget PowerPoint Presentation displayed in public hearing.

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