Friday, September 27, 2019

This Week in Pics

Fall weather is perfect for enjoying public lands— playing outside is always a good idea! Mesa County Commissioner takes an e-bike ride on Tuesday, Sept. 24 near Cortez, Colo., as part of a hands-on learning workshop put on by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 
Mesa County Commissioner John Justman and BLM Southwest Resource Advisory Council (RAC) members take to the Mud Springs Trails just outside of Cortez, Colo., for a hands-on learning experience with electric-assisted mountain bikes (e-bikes) and public lands managed by the BLM. Participants enjoyed traditional mountain bikes and e-bikes while comparing use and impacts.
County Administrator Pete Baier meets with Landfill Director Jennifer Richardson, Fleet Supervisor Eric Brown and Deputy Public Works Director Scott Mai to discuss ways to collaborate and enhance services.
Budget Manager Jeremy Caudle, County Administrator Pete Baier and Finance Director Pam Noonan welcome finance professionals attending the annual 10 County Budget Conference before the events get underway.
Fairgrounds Manager Donna Redd, Asset Accountant Becky Foreman and Fiscal Manager Sarah Tourney greet 10 County Budget Conference attendees Wednesday afternoon. 

Budget Manager Jeremy Caudle (left) is hosting a three-day conference for the 10 County Budget Association—an organization of budget and finance professionals for Colorado's 10 most populous counties.

Attendees received a bag full of goodies and information about the Grand Valley.

Jeremy Caudle kicks off the 10 County Budget Conference Wednesday afternoon and introduces Mesa County Administrator Pete Baier.

Mesa County Administrator Pete Baier welcomes conference attendees, gives them an overview of the Grand Valley and highlights why Mesa County is a great place to work, live and play.
Landfill Director Jennifer Richardson and Sheriff's Office Fiscal Manager Debbie Murray participate in the 10 County Budget Conference.

Pool installation in front of the Mesa County Fairgrounds' office gets underway. Staff members Linda Robinson and Stacy Pinnt are excited about the new pool going in front of their office, and share that the pool is only temporary and it's for the dog show. 
The temporary pool for Grand Valley Kennel Club's annual dog show at the Mesa County Fairgrounds takes about 28,000 gallons of water.

 Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk & Recorder, greets citizens taking training to become temporary elections workers. 

Mesa County Elections Coordinator Angelica Jestrovich (left) and Clerk Tina Peters (right) welcomes interested citizens in serving during the next election, which is a unique opportunity to get involved in the democratic process.

Mesa County citizens get ready to receive training to become Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPC) Judges.

Elections and Recording Manager Jessica Empson, alongside Election staff members Cindy Nelson, Shana Martin, and Angelica Jestrovich start the training process for VSPC Judges. Judge's duties include opening and closing VSPCs, offering voter services and registration, issuing ballots and reconciling paperwork daily. 
Mesa County Fairgrounds is hosting the Grand Valley Kennel Club's annual dog show. For more information, visit
This year the Grand Valley Kennel Club's dog show is Sept. 26-29. 
Don't miss out on the AKC All-Breed Dog Show at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. This fun event goes until Sunday, Sept. 29. The all-breed dog show, obedience trials, and rally trials are held under American Kennel Club rules and regulations.

It's hard work to get ready for a competition, but this pup is all smiles. Look at that volume!
"The friendly people, pleasant show site, scenic beauty, and time of year makes this one of the premier shows in Colorado." — Grand Valley Kennel Club.
Well, of course, your nails and hair have to be done for such an important event. This Poodle sure looks ready for the competition to begin. 
A Scottish Terrier gets groomed before the show gets underway. The purpose of a dog show is to evaluate breeding stock.

An Airedale Terrier, which is the largest of all terrier breeds, patiently waits to get groomed.

A Bernese Mountain wags its tail while enjoying getting blowdried after a bath. Look at that smile!
An elegant Papillon (center) shows off its “butterfly” ears and gorgeously silky coat. 
A dog fearlessly dives into the water to catch his favorite toy at the AKC All-Breed Dog Show at the Mesa County Fairgrounds.
The Grand Valley Kennel Club's annual dog show at the Mesa County Fairgrounds goes until Sunday, September 29. For more information, visit
Don't miss out on the dog show happening this weekend at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, they have diving dogs and so much more! Visit for more information.

Criminal Justice Services Manager Steve Chin and Clinical Director Jason Talley get ready to present information on Pretrial Services to the 10 County Budget Conference attendees on Thursday afternoon.

The Mesa County Regional Transportation & Planning Office Regional (RTPO) staff is in Keystone this week attending the Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA). Transit Coordinator Andy Gingerich bikes to fish out on the Snake River after the conference.

Mobility Manager Sarah Brooks (right) and RTPO Manager Dana Brosing (left) take a hike after the CASTA conference to see Breckenridge troll Isak Heartstone. "The annual CASTA Fall Conference is a four-day conference that provides training on a variety of topics, including transit management, leadership development, driver safety, system safety, human services issues, mobility, and FTA and CDOT policy issues."

Monday, Sept. 23, 2019, was the first day of fall. Don't forget, to go check out the colors on the Grand Mesa this weekend. The picture above was taken Thursday in Breckenridge, Colo.

 The Spirit of the Union Pacific, a commemorative locomotive honoring United States armed forces made it through Grand Junction this morning. According to a press release, The Spirit's front is symbolic of Air Force Silver, and the blue stripe is a reflection of the former Strategic Air Command's "nose sash." The lettering inside the sash is the original hand-drawn font used on the B-17. It is followed by the Coast Guard's "Racing Stripe" and the Navy's Battleship Gray, which frames Union Pacific's traditional American flag. The military camouflage is a nod to the Army and Marines.
According to Pacific Union, Engine 1943, The Spirit, honors military veterans, and UP employees that bought bonds during WW2 that paid for a B-17 aircraft called The Spirit of the Union Pacific.
As the train passes by, the final message on the tail is dedicated to U.S. prisoners of war and those missing in action, featuring the POW/MIA symbol and its motto, "You Are Not Forgotten." added the release.