Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Property Tax Statements in Mail Stream

"Mesa County Property tax bills are arriving in mailboxes this week.  They come to you with a new look and a special message about the mill levy credit you are receiving as a result of a TABOR refund," Mesa County Treasurer Sheila Reiner said.

Things to know:

  • If your mortgage company escrows your tax payment, the statement is for informational purposes only
  • You have the option to pay taxes in one full installment by April 30 or in two installments with the first half due by the last day of February and the second half due by June 15
  • To access your bill online, pay your taxes online, obtain property tax history and receipts for payments, or to view and print your current year tax statement click here 

For more information or to review property taxes owing, visit https://treasurer.mesacounty.us/.

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