Friday, April 24, 2020

Week 31 of the Palisade Plunge Trail

Crews continue to wage war on the bedrock sections, which continue to hinder significant progress on the Palisade Plunge Trail. With picks, shovels, and demo hammers, they pour their blood, sweat, and tears into each foot of trail gained.

Significant progress is made on this portion of the Palisade Plunge after a challenging notch in the cliff band.

Approximately 550 feet of new trail has been completed since the last update, which doesn’t leave them much farther to go. Every tenth of a mile in the right direction is still considered progress through this challenging section.

Demo hammers are the only big earth movers that can make it up here.

This progress leaves the crew at approximately milepost 27.96. Crews are looking forward to getting through this tougher bedrock and back to the type of progress that was previously being made.

Some spots require crew members to chisel through two inches of bedrock, and in other places, it can be up to two feet.

To date, a total of about 12.86 miles of finished trail has been completed. A total of approximately 0.23 miles of rough-cut trail is left to be hand-finished.

It’s hard to tell what’s concealed under the loose chips of shale. 

This leaves about 4.17 miles to go before completion of Phase 1 of the trail. Phase 2 will begin this year as weather permits.

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