Friday, May 1, 2020

Palisade Plunge Trail Brief

A view from the Palisade Plunge Trail facing west into the Grand Valley.
The Palisade Plunge Trail crew has chiseled away at several layers of bedrock. Since last week, about 350 feet of new trail has been roughed in while crew members primarily dedicate themselves to rock removal. The current end of the trail is at approximately milepost 27.89.

Nearly 2,000 feet of bedrock has been carved to create a rideable trail. In some of the sections, there are two inches of bedrock to be cut out, and other areas require carving through three feet of bedrock.

The crew estimates another 1,000 feet of bedrock sections to hammer through before they focus on proceeding up the trail to the top of the ridge.

This entire section of the Palisade Plunge Trail was cut through bedrock.
The crew has also focused on building a path through a notch on the cliff band that will allow riders to drop or climb depending on direction.

To date, 12.90 miles of trail have been completed. Leaving 4.17 miles to go before the completion of Phase 1 of the Palisade Plunge Trail.

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