Monday, June 15, 2020

June is Adult Protection Awareness Month

Joe Kellerby and Candace McGuire from the Department of Human Services (DHS) accept the Adult Protection Awareness Month Proclamation. 

The observance of Adult Protection Awareness Month reminds us of our collective responsibility to ensure the health, safety, dignity, and well-being of all at-risk adults.

The elderly and persons with disabilities are vital members of our community. They are often vulnerable to abuse, burglary, exploitation, fraud, neglect, and other crimes since they may not be able to provide their own care and protection.

Raising awareness is a fundamental prevention strategy that involves not only teaching new information but also helping to change attitudes and behavior towards this delicate matter.

Therefore, the Mesa County Commissioners proclaimed June 2020 as Adult Protection Awareness Month in Mesa County and urge all residents to reach out with compassion and respect to at-risk adults to make a difference in their quality of life.

DHS Adult Protection Services Manager Candace McGuire talks about the importance of protection and services for at-risk adults.

June is Adult Protection Awareness Month in Mesa County.

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