Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sixteen down, 16 more miles to go

Palisade Plunge crew members continue the rockwork at the steep notch around milepost (MP) 26.75.

Almost 16 miles of The Palisade Plunge, a 32-mile singletrack trail, has been completed, leaving about a mile and a half to go before the completion of Phase 1. Crews have already started clearing vegetation within areas of Phase 2.

Crews kept to their same plan of attack from last week — half of the crew cutting new trail, and the other half continuing the rockwork at the steep notch around milepost (MP) 26.75.

Nearly 16 miles of the Palisade Plunge Trail has been completed leaving about a mile and a half to go before the completion of Phase 1.

Palisade Plunge Trail crew members have yet to form a truce with the biting gnats.
The crew working on the notch, have made progress, but it’s very time-consuming work. They are still making use of hand lines and safety ropes, as they continue with the seemingly endless task of chipping away at the cliffside. However, the trail is starting to take shape through this notched area. The crew is hoping to finish this area within the next couple of weeks.

Palisade crews spot a Chinook helicopter flying below them, and they are reminded of the altitude of the trail.

Top 10 reasons to leash your dog

In Mesa County, dogs are required to be under leash control when not confined to their property. Exceptions can be granted by a property owner.
Here are the top 10 reasons to keep your dog on a leash when venturing outside your home or property, aimed at protecting the health and safety of the public and pets.
  1. It's a good neighbor policy, preventing your dog from trespassing on the neighbor's property during your walk. It also keeps your dog from jumping on people you encounter, ensuring that your dog has the chance of being properly introduced.
  2. Improved companionship. A well trained and leash-obedient dog is a pleasure to walk with.
  3. Walking your pet on a leash will prevent the spread of disease. It is less likely that your dog will be exposed to Parvo or Distemper. A leashed dog can be restrained from sniffing the droppings of other animals.
  4. A leash is commonly referred to as "Your Pet's Lifeline," protecting your pet from traffic and unrestrained animals. Accidents or animal bites are significantly reduced when responsible pet owners obey the leash law.
  5. An obedient and well-behaved dog is a positive reflection of its owner.
  6. Relocating your dog into another household is 100% easier if your dog is obedient and leash trained.
  7. It's a great way to reward your dog. Your dog will immediately respond with a wagging tail the moment it sees you holding the leash.
  8. It's an excellent identification tool, symbolizing that the dog has an owner, and enabling someone who sees the leash and identification tag attached to the dog's collar to find you if your pet should become separated.
  9. It's a great relief to wildlife, keeping your dog from chasing squirrels, deer, and other wildlife.
  10.  It's the law. The law is in place to protect other members of the public and your pet from injury.
Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!

This information is courtesy of The Bill Foundation.

Monday, June 29, 2020

West End of the Valley Gets Dust Control

Mesa County Road and Bridge crews apply Earthbind on 10 Road for dust control. 
The Mesa County Dust Control Program is underway on county gravel roads starting in District A, which encompasses Appleton, Fruita, Glade Park, Loma, Mack, and the Redlands. Soon dust control application will move on to Districts B and C.

District B covers Clifton, Fruitvale, Gateway, Orchard Mesa, Palisade, and Whitewater. District C is in the high country, and it includes Collbran, De Beque, Mesa, and Plateau Valley.

The application of dust control on county gravel roads is used as a dust suppressant or stabilizer for roads.

Dust control is typically applied in late spring and early summer. Each year a list of roads is identified, and a program is developed. This year, about 407,000 gallons of dust control will be applied. 

Dust control is currently underway in District A. Earthbind is applied to combat fugitive dust and to stabilize the road surface. 
During a dust control project, all vehicles must be removed from the street so that there are no obstructions. The road is then prepared by grading and adding gravel where needed.

Mesa County Road and Bridge crews apply Earthbind on 10 Road for dust control.

The dust control suppressant bubbles as it is absorbed into the gravel road.
Mesa County maintains over 700 miles of gravel or dirt surfaced roads. When traffic counts reach 150 vehicle trips per day, Road and Bridge crews evaluate and consider treating those roads with a dust palliative to reduce fugitive dust.

Dust treatment substantially reduces fugitive dust on gravel roads for up to one year from the date of application. While dust is reduced during dry periods, the procedure does not reduce muddy conditions when wet. The road surface will dry out and compact to a good driving surface within a few hours following a rainstorm or snowfall.

Subsequent treatments may be applied annually to maintain the effectiveness of the product.

Pictured: 10 Road after both lanes have been treated with dust control to combat fugitive dust and to stabilize the road surface.
Almost 24 hours after being treated with dust control, 8 Road looks slightly darker in color as the ground begins to cure.
Mesa County, may at its option, apply dust control to roads having lesser traffic volumes where streets have steep grades and/or curves that require stabilization, thus reducing the frequency of maintenance.

7 Road was treated with dust control, and it will take approximately three days to cure. 
M 1/4 Road gets treated with Earthbind, a dust control product.

This year, crews are using Earthbind, a dust control product that helps with gravel road maintenance reducing about 60% of future prep work after the initial application, which saves Mesa County money and time and provides a cleaner, longer-lasting product.